We don't just promise...
We Guarantee it!

There are no shortage of contractors who will promise to do a great job. And frankly, many do a good job. But good peace of mind isn't found when everything goes right and to your satisfaction.

Peace of mind comes knowing that when things don't, for some reason, meet your expectations that you have a clear solution and remedy to put things right.

At BUILDIT, we promise to ensure that each and every job is done exactly the way you want. We don't just promise it. We guarantee it!

the BUILDIT Guarantee

Other companies offer limited warranties with lots of fine print and the
ever-favorite 'some conditions apply' clause. 

  Our promise is simple:

     BUILDIT will stand behind our workmanship and 
     materials for two full years. 

  We told you it was simple.  Shouldn't it be?